We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 22:00 to 06:00
Rules and FAQ
Rules and FAQ
Security and Privacy
We do not share information about our Guests with anyone. Photo and video shooting is strictly prohibited in clubs. In addition, the security guards carefully monitor what is happening inside, preventing unforeseen situations and rudeness towards both Guests and Artists.
It is forbidden to ask for tips and generally do anything that would cause discomfort to the Guest. The artists do not receive percentages of the sold drinks, hookahs or dishes from the menu. We don't grab money. Nevertheless, the artist will be glad if you treat her with a drink.
We are for honesty and openness. Therefore, the staff always clarifies the order and checks every item in the bill.
There is no begging or extortion of any kind in our clubs!
Everything that happens in the club stays in the club! We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of all visitors.
Intimate services
There is no intimate service in our venues - you can't pick up a girl from the club. You can only communicate with a girl inside the venue.
Is it possible to pick up a girl from the club?
The dress code in our venues is not strict. The main thing is to look clean and tidy. (No camouflage, no Adidas-style sportswear)

If the shorts are of a more classic style or denim, about knee-length, then most likely you can enter!
You have to be 21 years old to enter the club.
Face Control and Dress Code
How do I have to be to enter the club?
Absolutely! Many guests come come with their partnes. By the way, three of you can use the pivate room)
The entrancefee for Girls and Men is the same.
Can I come with my wife or husband?
We work 100% with accordance to the law. We are very proud to be able to offer our Guests a clean and safe rest of the highest quality.
How much is the entrance fee?
Our Clubs do not provide intimate services
How to book a table?
What are the deposits and what can I spend it on?
What is a Private Dance or a Private?
Hotline number for table reservations +374 60 686 800 . After 22:00 tables available upon request, you will be provided the table price on the spot. You can spend the deposit on the bar and menu.
Themed private rooms
A Private or Private dance is a dance that the artist performs personally for you in a private room. During the dance, the girl undresses completely.

You can Caress her, Spank her, Touch her breasts, but you can't touch her in there. And you can't get your friend out of your pants.
What is Liberation?
Private rooms in our venues are made to make all your fantasies come true. Do you want to be a sultan? Then you will go to our cozy room “The East". If you want to feel like a gynecologist, a cook, a lawyer - everything is possible with us! Choose a themed room to your liking and plunge into the world of fantasy and pleasure.
If you have a desire for a girl to spend time only with you, then you can use the service – Consummation (there are options for girls Consummation in the menu). When you purchase this service, the girl (or several girls) will be with you as long as you want.
You can find the pricing policy provided by our clubs on the website, in the menu section. In our venues you can have a great rest not spending much.

Well, if you want to have a party of the year, only your imagination can limit you! We will help you fulfill any desire, with group privates, various show programs or extending the open hours.

All prices are real, you don't have to pay extra in the clubs. Tips are at your discretion.
How much money should I take with me?
“Red Candle" service is available. You pay for it and while the candle is burning, no one will approach you. The priceis available in the Menu.
Crazy menu is a list of non—standard services for a fee offered by our clubs. Private dances, Consummation, Show programs with Guests, Songs order, Extending club's working hours.
If you just want to look
Token is the local currency of the club, which you can exchange for Private Dances or pay for the Liberation of the girls.
What is a crazy menu?
What is a token in a strip club?
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